Tomislav Škunca “Škuf” Dragan Dragojlović “Gaga”

Who we are

Experienced chefs Dragan Dragojlović Gaga and Tomislav Škunca Škuf are two friends who work as a team under the name Styling Food.

Škuf holds a degree in The Art of Styling Food and is the first trained food stylist in Croatia. Following world trends and responding to market needs, over the past few years the twosome has placed special emphasis on food styling. They also do consultancy and training, all within the bounds of the culinary profession. Because Gaga and Škuf are first and foremost - outstanding chefs.

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What we do

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What people are saying about us

Mirna Bucevic

Mirna Bučević

Producer, Red Production

Confident, persuasive, entirely reliable in everything – Gaga and Škuf provide the essence of what a desirable advertisement or TV slot needs.

Radovan Marcic

Radovan Marčić

MasterChef Croatia judge

They have made MasterChef the most popular culinary show in Croatia and every restaurant that serves their food amazes guests with exquisite tastes and complexity of ideas.

Stanko Herceg

Boris Berc


The first thing that I think of when Gaga and Škuf are mentioned is the beautiful food styling they made for our joint projects. To be precise, none of the photographs I took while working with them would look the way they did without their supreme work.

Josip Matic

Josip Matić

Art Director, Real Grupa

Gaga and Škuf are top professionals, great food stylists and superb chefs. Their vision of food, what food is supposed to be and the appearance of each plate is a story in itself.

Mario Vidosavljevic

Mario Vidosavljević


Nope, not just amazing food stylists, chefs, consultants… they are artists! It’s a joy to watch them turn food into the greatest work of art in a blink of the eye, regardless of whether they are styling food or preparing a meal for a lunch break during a shoot.

Gordana Corapina

Gordana Čorapina

Creative Producer, Nova TV

They are not just great professionals, they are creative with a touch of genius and amazing food consultants. They have strongly impacted MasterChef, and one of these impacts is the exceptional Celebrity MasterChef opener they did. Working with them is a great culinary masterpiece.

Mate Jankovic

Mate Janković


Gaga and Škuf are outstanding professionals – chefs, food stylists, consultants. I cannot but attribute part of the success, popularity and superb realisation of certain projects and marketing campaigns I have worked on to Gaga and Škuf. Their approach to cooking, their creativity and knowledge is what makes the difference.

Stanko Herceg

Stanko Herceg


Until recently all food and beverage stylists came from abroad. However, the appearance of two supreme chefs and food stylists, Gaga and Škuf, made the Croatian market richer for a professional team that completes every assignment in response to their clients most demanding needs and on the highest level.

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